Ten Resolutions for 2013

I’ve been making New Year’s Resolutions for the last three years. And after last year’s didn’t go so well, I’ve decided I need to make this year’s public. And I need to put them where I’ll see them often. So I’m sharing them with you and posting them on the fridge.

Without further ado, here are my goals and resolutions for 2013:

1.That’s only two books a month—what a sad number. With working full time, freelance editing jobs, blogging, and having a life, it’s tough to fit reading in, but I still want to make sure I’m doing it. Two books I want to get to this year are Don Quixote and Les Miserables. And maybe Mere Christianity, since that was on my list of resolutions last year and I bought it but never read it. Oops. But right now, I’m going back to an old favorite: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

2.With all the dental work I’ve had in the last two months to make up for a childhood of poor dental hygiene, this is a big one for me.

3.Ideally, this will be running on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday or Sunday, and two days of yoga.

4.Not gonna lie—this one scares me. But I really want to get there just because I think I can’t.

5.Jonathan and I read together most nights, but I want to make more of a concentrated effort to spend time in the Word on my own. I haven’t really gotten started yet, but I’m planning to use a reading plan from Canvas Church’s website. If you’re interested in joining me, you can find the reading plan here.

6.Last year, I wanted to journal every day. It didn’t happen. Not even close. So this year, I’m shooting a little lower and broadening the possibilities—it can be journaling, a blog post, or something else. And unless I’m having a bad week, stuff I write for work won’t count.

7.We eat out way too much. Especially when we don’t have leftovers for lunches and we eat out then, too.

8.I made this a goal for myself two years ago, and it was a great challenge. I love finding and trying new recipes. Especially when they turn out great. I think I’ll start with one (or both!) of these . . .
Sun-dried Tomato Spread
Man-Pleasing Chicken

9.I’ve written about this before, but I fell out of the habit. It made life much easier when I didn’t procrastinate in the small things.

10.Earlier would be even better, but as it’s been, I’ve been getting up at 7:45ish, only about 20 minutes before I have to leave for work. No bueno. Things have got to change. And if they do, I might even have time to get my run in or do my quiet time before I go to work. That sounds like a recipe for a much better day.

What are you goals/resolutions for 2013?


Professional Development . . . More Journal Entries

Recently I posted an entertaining entry from the journal I kept when I was nine. As much as I laughed at myself, I also read some things that make this professional writing major groan a little. Clearly I’ve learned a few things . . .

How to spell. I think by specifying 90s Christian, I was making it clear that I only approved of contemporary Christian music. Not that stuff they played at my grandma’s church.

How to use apostrophes correctly. I’m sad to admit this one was from high school.

How to write a coherent sentence. You know, one that actually makes sense. This was at the end of an entry.

Further reading revealed that, at some point, I went back and made a few edits to that first journal. Once an editor, always an editor.

Do you ever look back at things you wrote years ago? Is it as embarrassing for you as it is for me?

A Stack of Memories

I’ve been journaling for a long time—since Valentine’s Day 1997, to be precise. That journal up on top is my first one. I remember going to the Hallmark store with my mom and begging her to buy it for me. I promised I would write in it every day if she would please, please, please buy it for me. But the promises of nine-year-olds are fickle. I didn’t write every day—I didn’t even fill up that first journal (or most of the ones I’ve had since, as my husband will tell you). Clearly, though, I’ve continued to journal over the years.The stack at the right is all of the journals I’ve used in my almost-25 years. I keep them in a box in the closet and pull them out from time to time.

I journal for a few reasons:

1) I enjoy writing. And the more you write, the better your writing gets.

2) It’s cathartic. It gets everything in my head on paper.

3) I like to look back and see where I’ve been. Sometimes it’s faith-building, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s downright embarrassing (but that’s what happens when you put everything in your head on paper) . . .

(Click on the image to make it bigger)

A bit of explanation . . .

Chris was my first crush—except for maybe the guy with the curly hair from Phillips, Craig, and Dean. Not sure which came first. But let me tell you—Chris had nothing on my husband when it comes to making me crazy ; )

I have no idea if the Barney thing is true or not. Obviously, I believed it when some kid told me it was true.

Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing a few more journal entries soon.