About Sarah

My name is Sarah, and I love all things book-related—writing, editing, the publishing process, and the books themselves. I majored in professional writing at Taylor University and secretly wish I could spend all my time reading.

My husband and I live just outside Minneapolis. He’s the community editor at a weekly suburban newspaper, and I’m the ministry coordinator (basically an administrative assistant) for the young adult and youth departments at a large church. I also get to do a lot of writing and editing for the communications director. I love my job. Some days I feel very much like a mother (despite not having kids). If you know anything about youth ministry, you’ll understand. If not, watch this video to get a taste of my work environment. Yeah, a few of those guys are my bosses. I am so blessed to work with them (that’s not sarcasm, in case you were wondering).

In my free time, I read, do crafty things, blog, and beat my husband at Boggle. (Don’t tell him I said that!)


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