Lately I’m . . .

Preparing for our trip to Michigan. I’ve been saving vacation time all year, and we’re heading “home” on Saturday. All my family is in Michigan and we try to make it back once or twice a year. And on the way, we’re going to stop and see my college roommate. We’ve been wrapping up stuff at work (poor Jonathan has to prepare two papers in one week!), shopping for snacks (Vitamin Water and beef jerky are our non-negotiables), and doing ridiculous amounts of cleaning.

Here are a few pictures of us with my siblings from the last time we went home for Christmas : )gingerbread house 2 gingerbread house 1Getting into the habit of running on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday or Sunday. A week and a half after starting the schedule, it’s still going. AND I’m even planning to run next week when we’re in Michigan. I’m glad my aunt has a treadmill—otherwise, I’d be skipping the runs. No way am I ready to run outside. In the cold. Up and down hills. No thank you.

Watching Ashley and JP’s wedding. Yes, I’m talking about The Bachelorette. I don’t usually watch TV (we find a show we like and get it on DVD), but when Ashley was on The Bachelorette, I got hooked. I fell in love with her and JP as a couple (my husband is rolling his eyes right now), and I got super excited when I found out they were actually getting married. As I write this, I’m watching the parts of the wedding I missed on Sunday when it actually aired. If you’re like my husband and you think it’s stupid, you’ll be happy to know I haven’t let myself watch the show since.

Going to the dentist. Two weeks ago. This week. And two more times in January. I’ll spare you the details, but when I have kids I am making sure they get proper dental care. I didn’t, and now I’m making up for it. Dental work is not fun, folks.

Signing up to do book reviews for Tyndale and Thomas Nelson. For the past year and a half, I’ve only reviewed books for Bethany House Publishers, but I’m switching things up in 2013. Check out the links in the sidebar for more information and stay tuned!

Brainstorming my 2013 goals. I work best when I set goals for myself and make them public. Last year did not go so well. I’ve been brainstorming goals for about a month now, and I think I have some good ones. In the next few weeks, I’ll post a list. Maybe accountability will make them happen this year.


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