Let It Snow

12.9.12 caesar snowstorm It finally snowed. For real. We got a light dusting in November, but it was nothing compared to this. We got about a foot of snow (and these pictures were taken hours before it finally stopped.)

12.9.12 caesar snowstormI’m not one of those sad snow-haters. I’ve been waiting for it since the leaves started falling back in September. I’ve been daydreaming of frosty trees and slushy walks to Starbucks. I’ve been smelling the air and watching the clouds.

12.9.12 caesar snowstormI’ve never quite been able to explain it, but nothing brings me joy the way snow does. That’s not to say other things don’t bring me joy. It’s just a different kind of contentment and anticipation. Trees come close—especially in the spring when their leaves first pop out and the whole world seems green. And Lake Michigan on a warm day—that comes close too. But this . . .

12.9.12 caesar snowstormIt’s the kind of beauty that makes you ache because it’s just so pretty.

There’s nothing like standing outside at night and watching the snow, looking up as it falls, listening as a gentle hush descends on your little corner of the earth. Snow makes everything beautiful. It covers imperfections. It makes everything clean.

12.9.12 caesar snowstormSometimes at night, I wrap myself in a blanket, turn off the lights, open the window, and just watch the snow fall. (And sometimes I make my very patient husband do it with me. He must love me a whole lot.)

12.9.12 caesar snowstormIf you’re one of those sad snow-haters, I’m sorry. Not because it snowed—oh no—I’ve been praying and praying for that. I’m sorry because you’re missing the magic. The magic that makes you giddy and hopeful and excited. The magic that makes you feel like a kid again.

I know it’s easy to miss the magic when you have to get up early to clean off your car or it takes you two (or three!) times as long to drive home from work, but next time you’re out in the snow, take a second to breathe it all in. And listen to the sound it makes. That’s my favorite part.

12.9.12 caesar snowstorm


4 thoughts on “Let It Snow

  1. I’m a snow lover! I am fully in agreement with you. And there is NOTHING like the first big snow of the season. And this stuff that sticks to the trees…glorious! Thanks for sharing these thoughts and these pictures!

    • Glorious is the exact word I was using yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised the snow stayed on the trees all day today, too 🙂

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