Running? What’s That?

It’s been a long time since I posted about how my running is going. And I have a good reason: I haven’t been running. At all. Probably not since my last running post.

I have a good reason for that too. Remember when I mentioned I thought I had Runner’s Knee? I stopped running altogether because it hurt too much afterward. My knees (and hips, for that matter) would just ache. As it turns out, I was right about the Runner’s Knee (in case you’re wondering, the technical term is “patellofemoral pain syndrome”).

Three weeks of daily exercises and stretches and five physical therapy appointments later, I finally got to run yesterday. For four whole minutes (I didn’t even die!). And the therapist told me to go buy new shoes this week. Apparently I need a motion control shoe because I overpronate. Or something like that. Who knew?

Do you know how much goes into buying the right running shoes? I had no idea. And for the record, most of the “find the right shoe for you” tools out there are wrong when it comes to my feet. Apparently motion control shoes are typically for people with flat feet, but I have high arches. And apparently people with high arches often underpronate, but I overpronate. I just barely know what I’m talking about, so don’t take my word for it. Moral of the story? If you’re spending $100 on running shoes, have someone who knows what they’re talking about analyze your stride and tell you what to look for.

That’s exactly what I did tonight. At the recommendation of my PT, I went to Marathon Sports and bought these lovely new shoes.

Asics Running Shoes

(If you’re in the Minneapolis area looking for shoes, go to Marathon Sports. I was super impressed with the service, how much the employees knew, and the price.) I get to break my shoes in tomorrow when I try running again. For a whole five minutes. Think I can make it?

If nothing else, not being able to run has only made the prospect of starting again that much more exciting. Despite the fact that I theoretically hate running. Who knows? Maybe spending a lot of money on PT and fancy new shoes is the motivation I needed.


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