Thankful for Little

With thanksgiving coming up, I decided to do a short series on what I’m thankful for. Click here to read my introduction and first post.

Today, I’m thankful that I grew up in a family that didn’t have a lot of money. It was hard not being able to get some of the things I wanted, missing out on class trips, and not getting to play on a soccer team or take dance classes, but having limited funds then has really shaped who I am now.

I’ve become a bargain hunter—I love the thrill of finding a good deal.  The downside is that I often have a hard time paying more than $20 for clothes or accessories. Shoes included. But now I know how to find the good deals, how to hold out for them, and how to forgo a purchase if I can’t get one . . . most of the time. (Speaking of Black Friday—and I know you weren’t—what is America coming to? Does anyone else see the irony of following up Thanksgiving with a day full of the scariest displays of consumerism available in the US? Anyway . . . )

I’ve also learned that stuff isn’t everything. There’s more to life than having a Barbie Dream House, Furby, Tamagotchi, or other must-have item. (Those are all things I asked for and never really got, by the way.) And, despite my constant desire to shop, especially on a bad day, I know stuff won’t fix my problems or make me happy. The best things in life aren’t made of metal or plastic. And they certainly aren’t on clearance at Target.

Sometimes I forget these things, but if I hadn’t learned them as a kid, Jonathan and I would probably be broke by now . . .


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