Taking the Dock Out of the Lake

We celebrated the beginning of fall with a trip up north to help Jonathan’s grandparents get the dock out of the water.

And it was a wonderful day to do it. Just kidding. It was 48 degrees, windy, and the sky was spitting at us.

cloudy-skyBut it wasn’t all bad.

fall_colorsHis grandpa had a knee replacement about a month ago and wasn’t able to get in the water, but Jonathan’s brother Christopher went up with us. Those are some sexy waders, huh?

wadersGrandpa gave orders. He likes to do that : )

I even got my hands dirty. See these pipes?

Grandpa handed them to me and I threw them in the pile. Some of them were taller than me, though that’s not hard.

And then we had a wonderful dinner. When we go up north, we eat A LOT. Food is Grandma’s love language.

I also got some work done. While we were up there, I finished Heiress by Susan May Warren and got some writing done. Yay for productivity!

Computer and papersAnother lovely trip to the lake . . .

fall colors over lakesunset over lake


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