Grilling, Deer Camp: The Musical, and Moving

Lately we’re . . .

Grilling with Jonathan’s friend, Josh. They’ve been friends since they were about five. Josh lives in a really old apartment downtown. Not only did we have a great Polish-themed meal (think kielbasa, pierogi, bread, and beer from the Czech Republic because we couldn’t find any from Poland), we got to hang out with a few of Josh’s neighbors and hear some great stories.

Seeing Deer Camp: The Musical for free. I love getting free tickets through Jonathan’s job. This production wasn’t that great, but it was amusing and I’m glad we went. It was stupid comedy, which I don’t usually appreciate. Though it could’ve been because I wasn’t drunk . . .

It did star My Brother Darryl and My Other Brother Darryl from Newhart.

And then we wandered around downtown for awhile. I love Minneapolis, but I’m not going to lie—this country girl is still afraid of walking around the city at night, even in a safe area when her big, strong husband is around to protect her.

Yes, that’s Mary Tyler Moore : )

And the Wells Fargo building, which is probably the prettiest skyscraper in Minneapolis.

Helping friends move. ALL day last Saturday. We’re pretty bummed they won’t be five minutes down the road anymore, but their new house is awesome. I probably should’ve taken a picture.

This is Jonathan and his brother Simeon taking a break from hauling boxes.

So that’s what we’ve been up to. This weekend we’re headed up north again. What’ve you got going on this first weekend of fall?


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