Fall Camping

So we went camping and I did end up getting excited about fall. I even ordered a hot chai this week. I know, I know. Fall is here.

Anyway, it ended up just being Jonathan, me, and our friend Kelley. The weather was gorgeous, though it was a little bit windy. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

Jonathan and I squeezed into our little tent that’s barely big enough for a queen-sized mattress and Kelley had her giant six-person tent all to herself. Not to mention she put the thing up all by herself and Jonathan and I worked together to get ours up. Notice I used my husband to give you an idea of the size of each tent : )

And then there was the entertainment issue. We went for several walks, played Uno (has anyone noticed they changed the rules?), and sat by the fire. Oh, and then we made a game of throwing acorns in the fire pit and Jonathan taught Kelley how to fence . . . with a stick. (He really does know how to fence—he spent several years doing it competitively in high school and I have the gear in the top of my closet to prove it.)

I would love to go camping one more time before it gets cold, but our weekends are kinda booked with a trip up north, a birthday celebration, and a friend’s wedding and a trip to Michigan.

But you never know what will happen. Last year, our only camping trip was a spur-of-the-moment Saturday-afternoon decision at the beginning of October.


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