Fall is Coming . . .

It’s already September 7. And I just can’t bring myself to admit fall is here. You’d think the changing trees, falling leaves, school busses, pumpkin spice lattes, cooler temperatures, and fall fashions would be enough to convince me to embrace the impending season. But I’m still clinging to summer.

Maybe this weekend will change my mind. We’re heading out of the cities for a weekend camping trip with a few friends. As far as I’m concerned, camping should be saved for the fall. It’s more fun to sleep in a tent and roast hotdogs over a campfire when it’s not sweltering and you can bundle up in a sweatshirt and your favorite jeans. Not to mention the pretty colors and crunchy leaves. Granted, these things are best experienced at the end of September and early October (especially since campgrounds are usually empty of campers), but maybe, just maybe, this weekend will convince me to get excited about the season change.

And after fall, there’s snow. Snow is my favorite. Just not yet. For now I’m soaking up the last few bits of summer as it fades into golds and oranges and reds.


I was looking for fall pictures to include in this post and came across our engagement pictures. They were taken in October, so they count, right? I couldn’t resist including a few favorites. Look at those colors!

And a close-up that makes me laugh every time . . .


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