And It’s Wednesday

So I lied. It’s another iced grande chai day. I’m just not ready to give up summer yet. And in celebration of Wednesday (and that I’m trying real hard to believe it’s going to be a good day, unlike yesterday), I got myself a ham/parmesan sandwich. Believe me, I’m going to need it.
Sorry. I couldn’t resist adding my Starbucks picture to the millions posted by other bloggers on any given day. Maybe later it will remind me of my nice morning and that will be enough. I hope.

It’s kind of a big week around here. It’s our fall kickoff day for the youth group and new classes and such at church, which means we’re all running around like headless chickens. And on top of that, every other area of my life seems to be on overload—things I have to do, decisions I have to make—you get the idea.

And my brain won’t shut off. I’ve been thinking a lot about commitments (I’ve been making and thinking about making quite a few of these lately) and discipline. Both subjects have come up in several places over the last month, and I just can’t get away. Don’t get me wrong—discipline and commitment are good things, but it’s a bit overwhelming to make several new commitments in the space of a month when you haven’t really cut out other commitments. And they’re all good things, but it’s been a little much. New commitments include daily Bible reading time, daily prayer for a move of God, running three times a week, and then a few more that I’m taking a little more time and prayer to decide about.

Anyone else having this type of week?

If you’ve made it this far, let me share something writing-related I’ve been thinking about lately . . .

I’ve discovered there are two types of writers: those who write because they love to write (regardless of what they write about) and those who write because they have something to say. These are by no means mutually exclusive. Have you noticed this? Do you think it makes a difference why someone writes?


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