A Week-long Sister Date

I promise I didn’t mean to go a week and a half without posting anything, but you see, my sister came to visit. And it was kind of a big deal. We hadn’t seen each other since last Thanksgiving, and she even got brave and got on a plane (her first time) to come see me. So I figured she deserved my undivided attention.

She flew in on Thursday afternoon and I took that afternoon and Friday off work so I could soak up every minute.

Thursday afternoon we went for a late lunch and sacked out on the couch to watch Gilmore Girls, our guilty pleasure. We’ve seen all the episodes like a hundred times, and I have all seven seasons on DVD. Naturally, while we were at work, Sister spent all of her waking hours watching them.

We took the rest of her visit to show her (almost) all of our Twin Cities must-sees.

Friday we spent the day at the Mall of America, looking for the perfect accessories (Forever 21 is so cheap! How did I not know this?), visiting the aquarium (not worth  $20 ticket, but totally worth the $9 discount tickets we got), and searching Lego Land for the perfect little race car for Sister’s boyfriend, who is a racer.

Please forgive the awful photo quality. We were working with an iPod Touch and really bad lighting.

That night we went to the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis. I KNEW she would love it, and she did. Here’s proof:

Okay, maybe that just proves she’d rather be the one behind the camera.

We spent Saturday at the Stone Arch Bridge and Sunday, after church (we even had her help with our Sunday school kids), we had lunch at Cossetta’s and went to Como Zoo.

What a blessing to spend so much time with my little sister : )


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