Lately I’m . . .

Seeing life in hi-def. Okay, not really. But I got new glasses yesterday and everything seems way sharper. Nothing like having crappy vision to make you appreciate the finer things in life (okay, pun intended—sorry). Though I’m still not sure if I like them.

Planning our trip to Yellowstone. ROAD TRIP! I can’t believe we leave in less than two weeks. We’ll be staying in a different place almost every night, but we’ve got reservations for KOA cabins so we don’t have to haul a tent all over the place. I can’t want to see Mt. Rushmore, the Tetons, and Grand Prismatic Springs again. A few years ago, I visited the area with some of my family, but Jonathan has never been west of Minnesota. Seriously.

So we didn’t actually see this moose in Yellowstone (it was in the river next to the place we stayed), but close enough. This year my goal is to see a bear. From a safe distance.

Rethinking my wardrobe. I’m so tired of waking up every morning, rifling through my dresser, and coming up empty. I feel like I hate every article of clothing I own. But really, the problem is more that I hate the way I look in the clothes I own. I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts about the 30 x 30 challenge, and it’s helped me realize I need to stop buying clothes and work with what I have. ‘Cause I have A LOT. And, in case you’re wondering—no, I do not have enough self-confidence to post pictures of said clothes like Kendi does. This pile of clean laundry is all you get.

Staying inside. It’s freakin’ hot here. And humid. Today’s heat index was 104. And we’re under air quality (thank you, Colorado wildfires) and heat warnings.  Having grown up in a house with no AC, I am SO grateful for ours. And I am taking full advantage of it.

Editing a book. My friend Kristie (Jeff’s wife) is turning a Bible study she wrote into a self-published book, and I get the honor of copy editing for her. Sometimes I wish I could do things like this full time, but for now, I’m enjoying where I am.

Reviewing like six books. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but I’m pretty sure I’m reviewing at least four this summer. I have one review due Friday (watch for the post!), another due at the end of the month, and two more books on the way. So much for a slow, easy summer ; )

Preparing for my little sister’s visit in August. I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving, and 8/16 can’t come soon enough. I’m making all sorts of lists and mental notes of things we need to do. Like walk through Uptown, visit the Stone Arch Bridge (I’m pretty sure she’s never seen the Mississippi), take pictures in the sculpture garden, and go to a concert at Lake Harriet . . . And that doesn’t even include the list of restaurants I want to hit while she’s here!


2 thoughts on “Lately I’m . . .

  1. I totally relate to your wardrobe crisis! I feel exactly the same way. I’m trying to do the same thing, though. Work with what I have. Get creative. 🙂

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