Tent of Hope

For almost as long as we’ve been married, Jonathan and I have volunteered for Walk on Waters, a soon-to-be-official nonprofit that serves the city of Savage and the surrounding community. Jonathan serves on the board as the communications director, and I’ve taken on the role of webmaster (new territory for me—I’m definitely still learning). Together we design, create, and edit promotional materials for WOW (Jonathan does the bulk of it).

Last Saturday was the ministry’s biggest event: Tent of Hope. Each year, during Savage’s Dan Patch Days, WOW partners with several local churches to offer free, much-needed services to those in the community who find themselves in difficult situations. The event is held at Bridgewood, a church across the street from the fair grounds where Dan Patch festivities take place. This year, we offered groceries, hot lunches, clothing, family photos, and haircuts. And that’s just the beginning—local worship bands played live music (in English and Spanish), teenagers played soccer with the kids, the Gideons handed out free Bibles, and volunteers staffed a prayer room.

Jonathan and I attended to get pictures and interviews. He followed the camera guy around all day, asking volunteers and participants questions, and I carried around our point-and-shoot trying to take decent pictures (again, not a professional) to use for our promotional materials.

To be honest, I wasn’t that excited to attend the event and wander around for four hours, but it was pretty cool to see the results of the hard work that goes into all our promotion efforts. And to see churches from several denominations working together to bless the community—I wish I saw things like that more often.


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