What I’m Reading: Blog Edition

I can’t get enough of reading other people’s blogs. But with no internet at home (Gasp! I know . . . ), it’s tricky to keep up with all the posts in Google Reader—if I go just two days without reading through them, I end up with 75 unread posts. Here are a few of my favorites—the posts I skip to every time. Check ’em out!

Monkeys in My Bag—A “missionary mama” doing life in Costa Rica.

The Compassion Blog—Stories that remind me the world is bigger than my little corner of the Twin Cities.

Pacing the Panic Room—Creativity and family from a guy’s perspective.

The Minimalist Mom—Her lifestyle challenges me to simply my own life and remember what’s important.

Jeff Goins, Writer—Seth Godin for writers (at least, he alludes to a lot of things I’ve also heard Seth Godin say in his books or on his blog).

Little Band of Brothers—Great posts about faith and family.

What blogs do you love?


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