Date Night at Lake Harriet

I love Date Night. Since I started working full-time, Jonathan and I have set Friday nights aside as a chance to spend some quality time together after the stress and busyness of the week. I always look forward to it. To save money for our vacation next month, we decided to have picnic dinners at the Lake Harriet Band Shell, where they have outdoor concerts just about every night of the week all summer. And Friday concerts are usually followed by a movie.

So last night was our second concert of the season. And our first movie in the park. And let me tell you—I have a thing for watching movies outside. I’m not sure why. Maybe it stems from my happy memories of visiting the drive-in on our summer camping trips when I was growing up?

On my way home from work, I picked up potato salad and a rotisserie chicken (Byerly’s has them for $5 every Friday and I’d been talking about doing this for months), and dark chocolate almond cookies and strawberry lemonade from Trader Joe’s (best store ever!), and headed home to surprise Jonathan with a dinner he didn’t have to tag along to get.

Boy was I surprised when I got home and found he was already there and had bought me flowers.

And sparkling lemonade from Trader Joe’s. And a rotisserie chicken from Byerly’s.  So now we have enough chicken for an army (anyone got any recipes?).

Last night’s band was The Willie August Project, a group that plays “melodic modern jazz.” Jazz is not typically my favorite, but I enjoyed listening while I skimmed through old issues of Real Simple.

The movie was the main event for me. It was 80’s night, so we got to see Top Gun, a movie I had never watched until I saw it a few months ago on a local TV station (we don’t have cable) that plays old movies. But I didn’t mind watching it again. There’s just something about 80s movies.

I really love Date Night : )


2 thoughts on “Date Night at Lake Harriet

  1. Jerry from Blogging class! You have such a cool blog! You and your husband really look good together as a couple! Date nights are awesome! It may not happen as often as I would like (esp with kids) but we do enjoy it! Becky and I enjoy going to the movies. In fact we are going tonight! What a sweet thing y ou wrote up about your father! Hope he had a great father’s day! May God bless you and your husband and family abundantly! And feel free to check out my blog:

    • Thanks, Jerry. We’re definitely taking advantage of date night before we have kids 🙂 I hope you and your wife had a great time at the movies.

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