Chasing the Sun by Tracie Peterson

Hannah Dandridge has already sacrificed so much to move to Texas and take care of her younger brother and sister, but when her father disappears in the midst of the Civil War, the local Indian tribes are up in arms, and William Barnett shows up claiming her father’s ranch as his own, Hannah may just lose everything she has left. Is the proposal from her father’s business partner the answer? Or does God have other plans?

Tracie Peterson’s most recent release, Chasing the Sun, is an enjoyable story full of knuckle-whitening plot twists, but I didn’t think it was a page-turner. I kept reading to discover the fate of the villain, who was one of the most convincing bad guys I’ve come across. He was revealed early on, and I couldn’t wait for him to get what he had coming. I enjoyed watching the romantic relationship unfold, but was disappointed that the characters didn’t seem to grow much outside of their feelings for each other. I finished the book feeling as though they had changed very little. Though that’s not inherently a bad thing, I think more growth would have sped up the story. I also wasn’t completely convinced that things would not go well for Hannah and the children if William was able to reclaim the ranch as his own. Maybe it was just me, but it felt like a given that William would allow them to stay, and that lowered the stakes considerably.

Chasing the Sun was enjoyable for anyone who likes historical Christian fiction, but it’s not a must-read.

*I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my review. My opinion of this book is my own and was not influenced by the publisher or the author.


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