Professional Development . . . More Journal Entries

Recently I posted an entertaining entry from the journal I kept when I was nine. As much as I laughed at myself, I also read some things that make this professional writing major groan a little. Clearly I’ve learned a few things . . .

How to spell. I think by specifying 90s Christian, I was making it clear that I only approved of contemporary Christian music. Not that stuff they played at my grandma’s church.

How to use apostrophes correctly. I’m sad to admit this one was from high school.

How to write a coherent sentence. You know, one that actually makes sense. This was at the end of an entry.

Further reading revealed that, at some point, I went back and made a few edits to that first journal. Once an editor, always an editor.

Do you ever look back at things you wrote years ago? Is it as embarrassing for you as it is for me?


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